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Meet the Staff of Crazy Herman's | Nevada Auto Sales

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Rebecca V. - Titles & A/P

719-635-2533 - Rebecca@CrazyHerman.com

If you need help with your title, are a vendor with a question about accounts payable, or anything else, please give me a call at extension 1005.

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Jason B. - Finance & Sales Manager

719-635-2533 - Jason@CrazyHerman.com

I have many years of experience helping good people with credit problems find reliable transportation for the family. Please give me an opportunity today. Call me at extension 1009.

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Scott C. - Finance Specialist

719-635-2533 - Scott@CrazyHerman.com

Scott has many years experience in helping customers finding the right vehicle for the family, that fits their budget, be it Honda, Toyota, vans, cars, or trucks. Call me to help you accomplish this at extension 1007.

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David Carlton - General Manager

719-635-2533 - info@crazyherman.com

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal of our team. If there is any way I can help accomplish that, don't hesitate to contact me at extension 1001.

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